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Theatrical Promotion


Let Performing Pixel create eye catching art for your theatrical production. We work with your production team to ensure that the promotional art exemplifies your show and feels cohesive with their concepts. Great theater can be created at any place and on any budget. It all deserves compelling poster, postcard and Web design that sparks an interest in its target audience.

Voice Over Promotion


Let Performing Pixel ensure that your voice over demo is heard. The greatest voice over reel in the world is worthless if it isn't heard by the right people. We help voice over artists make the right first impression with striking design that is tailored to their sound. In addition to designing voice over demo packaging we also offer business card, postcard, letterhead and web design to create a cohesive and memorable brand.
Other Performers Promotion


Performing pixel focuses on voice over and theatrical design but we don't draw the line there. From musicians, actors and improv groups to living history presenters, we relish every opportunity to create great art for great performers.


"I had my first in person audition today with a casting director. . . When I asked him what prompted him to call me, he said the artwork hooked him and the voice kept him!"

- Pat Hunt, Voice Over Artist

"I feel like I have a brand that really represents me as a voiceover artist, thanks to the image you made."

- Brian Weitz, Voice Over Artist

"Chris Kind took my nutty idea for a design and brought it to life, better than I'd imagined possible. Amazingly creative and a great collaborator, with great turnaround time and very communicative throughout the process. I'm planning on working with Chris for all my future design needs, and I'd gladly recommend you do the same."

- Matt Sager, Voice Over Artist